I will only be able to give you some real basics (as I know them), and some examples of my own project. 
If you like cross-stitch or embroidery, or if you haven't been successful in knitting or crocheting (or don't have the time), 
Swedish Weaving (also called Huck Embroidery) is for you!
Monk's Cloth is an even weave fabric (up close it looks a lot like aida), and if you can cross-stitch you'll love this!

There are many different ways to finish the afghan - fringed, tassle or crocheted, just to name a few. 
Keep repeating your pattern until you get to the end of your fabric, take the needle out, and thread it on the other half of the yarn.

Turn your fabric upside down so the unfinished half is now on the left, and work your pattern again.

It's that simple!

One of the joys of Swedish Weaving is how easy it is to modify a pattern, or simply use the colors you want, as I have!
(Here is a picture of the afghan I am working on.  The pattern called for turquoise, blue and purple.  I just went with 3 different shades of blue)
Wash on gentle and dry on low heat (this will make the fabric shrink, as you will notice when you buy it, the weave is very loose).

**NOTE:  If you do not zigzag the raw edges, when you wash the Monk's Cloth
you could very well end up with a big ball of string!**

Find the middle of your fabric (I used the same rule as for cross-stitch to find the middle, and marked it by tying a knot of yarn with a contrasting color)

Finding the amount of yarn for each row is simple:  If it says 2W that is twice the width of your fabric.
(I just hold the yarn across the fabric, then fold the yarn back and cut it)

You will start in the middle and work from right to left.

Run your needle behind the first vertical block and pull it through just a bit, then pull your yarn through so it's even on both sides of the vertical block.

All you do is run the yarn behind the vertical threads.
Monk's Cloth comes in the following colors:
Natural, White, Pink, Light Blue, Yellow, Sage, Red, Black, Hunter Green, Wine, Purple and Navy.
It can be bought at any fabric shop, Walmart, or online.
The needle used is a #13 metal yarn needle
The yarn is 4ply worsted weight
**Remember when buying your Monk's Cloth to get it 6 inches longer than your project calls for**
Before you start you'll need to prepare your Monk's Cloth by putting a zigzag stitch along ALL raw edges.
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